The White Crows (You do NOT have permission to use this chapter)

The White Crows are a Space Marine Chapter, who were founded by the Inquisition before the Black Templars and Grey Knights. They use Sanguinius' Gene seed, and suffer the effects of what they call the Craving (Red thirst) and the Blind Rage (Black rage). Only a few of chapter fall victim to these though, as they are renowned for their incredible self control. Another interesting feature of the Chapter is that, once each Marine has reached maturity, they mysteriously only live for another ten years.


Each Murder (Company) is divided in to ten squads, each squad consisting of ten marines (one squad leader and nine marines). The highest ranked marine in the chapter will always be the first marine/squad leader of the first squad of the first murder (The Chapter Master). The lowest ranked marine in the chapter at any given time will always be the tenth marine of the tenth squad of the tenth murder (Scout Murder (Company)).


The exact time of the founding of the Chapter is unknown, but it was definitely formed Post-Heresy.

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